Floyd Mayweather Jr. Versus Conor McGregor: Analysis

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Versus Conor McGregor: What to Watch For

The fight that many believed would never come together—Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Conor McGregor—is now a reality, as the legendary boxer and the legendary mixed martial artist are scheduled to clash inside the boxing ring on 26 August from Las Vegas, Nevada. Through some careful negotiating and deal making, an agreeable profit split was specified by all parties involved in the contest, including the UFC, McGregor, Mayweather Jr., and Showtime. The bout is expected to surpass the $400 million earned by Mayweather Jr. versus Manny Pacquiao.
This historic contest is, bluntly put, unprecedented; never before has an MMA star—especially one as big as McGregor—locked horns with a boxer as elite as Mayweather Jr.
To put the match in perspective, let’s take a look at what fans can expect!


Conor McGregor is an elite mixed martial artist and athlete, and his skills have played a key role in his rise to the top of the sport. But the Irishman is also a formidable force behind the microphone, as fans have seen time and time again as he expertly markets his fights and image. Similarly, Mayweather Jr. isn’t a stranger to promotion, so fans can expect to see him and McGregor holding press conferences and releasing promos that are filled with entertaining one-liners. These promos will overlook the fact that McGregor hasn’t boxed professionally and will place emphasis on his UFC accomplishments, his power, his reach, his youth, and his fighting style.
Weigh-ins will be a similar spectacle, but McGregor will have some serious work to do before hitting the scale, compared to Floyd. While McGregor has cut down as low as 145 lbs. in the UFC, he’s still a physically large individual, and the drop to 154 pounds for this boxing contest won’t be a walk in the park. Floyd, inversely, has fought his last couple matches at welterweight, so he’ll have a fair amount of extra weight to work with.

The Fight

The weight cut leading up to this groundbreaking contest might be tougher for McGregor than Mayweather Jr., but the “Notorious One” will possess a good size advantage during the match. Additionally, his reach is two inches longer than Mayweather Jr.’s—72” to 74”—the UFC champion is twelve years the all-time-great boxer’s junior, and finally, he fights primarily as a southpaw.
Mayweather Jr. will look to stick and move as he has against lifelong boxers, but even more so, given the experience deficiency of McGregor, who has never boxed professionally. He’ll attempt to overwhelm the Irishman with bursts of crisp and technical punches for 36 minutes (twelve rounds at 3 minutes each), while not engaging cleanly. McGregor, for his part, will attempt to land his signature left hand at any and all costs—probably while absorbing some punishment. Given Mayweather Jr.’s experience, McGregor will likely look to connect hard right out of the gate with punches (this is a pure boxing match, and no kicks, elbows, knees, and takedowns are allowed).
Honestly, this match comes down to whether or not McGregor’s punching precision will be enough to crack the legendary defense of Mayweather Jr. as he tries to improve his professional record to 50-0.

It’s tough to tell how Mayweather Jr.-McGregor will play out, but one thing’s for sure: it’ll be worth watching when it goes down on 26 August. Grab some friends, grab some pizza, and make sure to split the large show’s $100+ price tag fairly and evenly amongst watchers!

And as always, thanks for reading!

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