Is This The End of Ronda Rousey?


     20 days since Ronda Rousey loss. The sting of her loss still hurts. I made a reaction video of her defeat. I was not ready for what I was about to watch. And never will. What went wrong? Her family? Her friends? Her boyfriend? Her coaching? Was it fear? Was she afraid? Only she knows. I don’t know. I’ve read her book. Her whole life was about winning. I’ve questioned her mindset going into the Holly Holm fight. Ronda looked too puffy coming into the match. She rehydrated too much. Which is a good indication she may have had some doubts coming into the fight?

     Recently I’ve speculated her coaching. I remember something from her book: My fight/Your fight. It was during sparring. Edmund said to Ronda as they were sparring, “What are you doing” as Ronda was stepping back. Edmund said, “Have you ever let an opponent in Judo make you step back?” Ronda said, “No.”. Edmund said, “Then why are you letting me?”. It stated in the book that Ronda never took a step back again. Bad coaching? Many people in the MMA, UFC and especially boxing, step back. Fighters step back. It’s called defense. What do you think? 

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