UFC 219: Rick Glenn versus Myles Jury | Breakdown and Prediction

Rick Glenn versus Myles Jury

This solid lightweight scrap pits two young-and-rising stars against one another, and the winner will more than likely be catapulted into a match with a top-fifteen opponent.

Both Glenn and Jury are well-rounded and high-level martial artists who, despite not yet being thirty years old, have fought the top-level opposition. Each man is formidable both on the canvas and at striking range, but Jury’s best weapon is probably his jiu-jitsu—which he refers to as “Jury Jitsu,” and claims is a unique and previously unseen variation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Look for Jury to try and close the distance with takedowns, and for Glenn to stick to the outside with his range. This matchup should be a fun and competitive fight, and viewers may be able to say “I’ve been watching him fight for years!” when one of these men competes for the belt or in the main event slot—a distinct eventual possibility.

Official Prediction: Rick Glenn def. Myles Jury via Unanimous Decision

Who You Got? 

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