UFC Fight Night St. Louis: Emil Meek versus Kamaru Usman | Breakdown & Prediction

Emil Weber Meek versus Kamaru Usman

UFC Fight Night 124’s main card is home to some intriguing matches, but if you watch just one of these bouts besides the co-main and main events, this should be it.

Emil Weber Meek versus Kamaru Usman is a pivotal welterweight meeting between two athletes who could compete for the title in the very near future. Emil Weber Meek is a powerful Norwegian finisher who rose to international fame following his forty-five-second KO over UFC veteran Rousimar Palhares. He defeated the well-rounded Jordan Mein in his UFC debut last year, and now, he’ll look to make it five in a row against his toughest opponent to date.

Winner of The Ultimate Fighter and streaking welterweight Kamaru Usman is arguably the hottest prospect signed by the UFC. He’s lost just once as a professional and has won his last ten contests—six of which took place inside the Octagon. Usman, much like Khabib Nurmagomedov, is a dominant wrestler and grappler who powers his opponents to the canvas and imposes his will once there. As such, most of his current wins have been complete blowouts. He has additionally not fought anyone quite like Emil Weber Meek—someone so compact, physically strong, and well-versed in grappling.

Expect Usman to shoot in and Meek, as he usually does, to thwart these attempts with traditional defense and vicious strikes. This contest’s winner will come down to which fighter will be able to impose his will early on—whether Meek connects with a punch or elbow, or Usman secures a takedown. Expect fireworks.


Official Prediction: Emil Weber Meek def. Kamau Usman via Split Decision

UFC Fight Night 124 is once again scheduled for 14 January, this Sunday and will broadcast live from St. Louis, Missouri. Be sure to tune into the action, and comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you, thanks for reading!

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